Agrobest Grup is one of the largest companies manufacturing, formulating, and marketing high quality crop protection products since 2002. The company is located in Izmir - Kemalpasa, near the Aegean coast. Production facilities have been established on a total area of 20,000 out of which 15,000 square meters are indoor. Agrobest Grup has invested on a new production facility in Manisa-Salihli in November 2019 to meet the increasing demand and wide market needs. The new production facility is being built on a total area of 220,000 square meters. Total production capacity is to reach 105,000 tons/year.

Agrobest Grup proposes innovative solutions at each step of the agricultural process, from seed to market, with expert departments on plant protection, seed, plant nutrition, biological control, and post-harvest.

Agrobest Grup prioritizes human, environment and food safety by widening the product range through organics. Therefore, a collaboration has been started with T.Stanes in 2012 with six microbiological and one botanical pesticides that have been registered and launched in Turkey to support Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies.

Agrobest Grup entered the hybrid seed market in 2016 by acquiring the Dutch hybrid vegetable seed producer, Rossen Seeds. AD Rossen’s current plant is built on 100,000 square meters of greenhouse and modernized laboratory area in Antalya.

Agrobest Grup entered the post-harvest market by synthesizing 1-MCP molecule and introducing ABG SUNN brand in 2017 in Turkey.

Agrobest Grup has implemented a customer-oriented & solution-focused marketing policy since its establishment. Customers are being served by Agrobest Grup’s experienced marketing and technical teams. Effective crop protection programs have been established by countless farmer trainings on-site.

Agrobest Grup operates in Georgia, Turkmenistan, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with its own subsidiaries.

Agrobest Grup has various number of product registrations in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Ethiopia, Cyprus, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan. Registrations in Algeria, Iraq, Oman are pending.

Agrobest Grup keeps growing its exports year-on-year constantly while expanding into new markets.